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Jan 16, 2013 5:30pm PST
. cycling, which is the national governing body, they might be in trouble. like dan says, we have no idea what lance will say but we know that he has said that he knows where all the bodies are buried. >> suarez: so, juliet, is this biggest than lance armstrong now? no longer even solely about him anymore? >> a lot of writers said it was never about lance to begin with, that he was just -- well, he was the kingpin of his own little doping program but cycling has really been rife with dopin for many, many years, especially in the '90s. this could be a huge opening to cleaning up the sport of cycling if lance comes out and tells everybody where he got the drugs, who helped him hide his drug -- positive drug tests and all those things, the sport could actually turn over a new leaf but he has to come clean first to the officials. >> suarez: so daniel coyle, what else could happen? what will you be watching for when the oprah show goes out? >> i'll be most curious about seeing contrition. an apology is something that involves genuine feeling, authentici, it's a process. we'll see if he's
Jan 18, 2013 6:00pm EST
, nena. (narrador) a whisky le dan un tiempo para calmarla y luego, con todos los cachorros devueltos a la seguridad de su jaula, emily le agradece al doctor van zyl y regresa a la casa con los cachorros, cuatro cachorros hambrientos que están listos para volver a comer. fue un placer. adiós. adiós, hasta luego. (narrador) la fundadora de cheetah outreach, annie beckhelling explica lo importante que es tener una buena relación con una clínica profesional como el centro médico animal de ciudad del cabo, cuando tratas con animales exóticos. somos muy afortunados de tener una buena relación con el centro médico de animales de cabo milan van zyl, en el hospital de animales de ciudad del cabo es un especialista en medicina interna de animales, ha estado con nosotros por mucho, mucho tiempo y somos muy afortunados, ya que él tiene microscopios y scaners y nos permiten llevar a nuestros animales a los grandes en especial para su revisión, lo que es extraordinario es que podemos llevar a casi todos nuestros gatos con su collar y cadenas y es algo muy sencillo. ellos simplemente ent
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)